Preferred Procedure is exactly what it implies. It is the preferred method for determining future earnings per share growth. It uses a simplified Income Statement to project what earnings per share will be in the future. Many people struggle to understand Preferred Procedure. This session will touch on understanding what we look for when we use Preferred Procedure, how it relates to our Stock Selection Guide and how it ties back to the company’s Income Statement. We will explore each of the components of Preferred Procedure that help us with our judgment about future EPS growth. As one attendee said, “I have been doing this for 30 years and now I finally understand Preferred Procedure.”

Abraham (Avi) Horwitz is a well-known presenter having taught at the MoneyShow, BINC, and for BetterInvesting chapters nationwide. In addition, Avi regularly presents classes for BetterInvesting online using GoToMeeting. In May 2016, Avi was the recipient of The George A. Nicholson Jr. Distinguished Service Award in Investment Education. Avi serves as a director for five Chapters and served as BIVAB’s Chapter Support Chair. He was a founding Director of the BIVAB (BetterInvesting Volunteer Advisory (BIVA) Board). In his spare time, Avi is a Certified Public Accountant with his own practice in New York City.