October 30, 2023 – Stock Investing Made Easy (SIME) Webinar Series

Tinker to Evers to Chance – Mark Mechenbier and Avi Horwitz

6:30 - 8:00 pm MT

Joe Tinker, Johnny Evers and Frank Chance are most widely known because of the poem about them. Playing for the early 1900 Chicago Cubs they made the Baseball Hall of Fame as one of the best double play combinations in the history of baseball. If a double play is great, how about a triple play? George Nicholson threw us a curve ball and coached us on how to go for a triple play. Join Mark Mechenbier and Avi Horwitz as we dig into George Nicholson’s ideas about triple plays. We will learn how triple plays can help our portfolio hit a home run.

Mark Mechenbier’s first experience with investing came about when he turned eighteen years old and had the opportunity to purchase stocks for the first time. Those investments did quite well for him but for a limited time frame since college took all his savings.

He was introduced to BetterInvesting from a former boss and appreciated his guidance to investing. Looking for an investment club to join, an opportunity came about in 2015 when Mark became a volunteer with the West Texas Chapter leading him to the Model Club. Mark is also involved with an investment club in Amarillo.

Mark enjoys sharing and teaching others about investing. In 2021 he was honored with the Gretchen Hurt Leadership Award. Mark is still working in the utility industry covering over 41 years but looking forward to retirement in the near future.

November 29 & 30, 2023 – Protecting Your Portfolio (PYP) Webinar Series

Let’s Do the Twist (2 sessions) – Avi Horwitz

Avi Horwitz will take a look at BetterInvesting ideas through his slightly offbeat eyes. In this class, we will explore selling portfolio holdings with a twist. Through Avi’s warped little mind we will also explore to effect of holding onto appreciated stock, differences in investing in a retirement account, and most of all understanding that there is a time to sell.

Abraham (Avi) Horwitz is a well-known presenter having taught at the MoneyShow, BINC, and for BetterInvesting chapters nationwide.

In addition, Avi regularly presents classes for BetterInvesting online using GoToMeeting. In May 2016, Avi was the recipient of The George A. Nicholson Jr. Distinguished Service Award in Investment Education.

Avi serves as a director for five Chapters and served as BIVAB’s Chapter Support Chair. He was a founding Director of the BIVAB (BetterInvesting Volunteer Advisory (BIVA) Board). In his spare time, Avi is a Certified Public Accountant with his own practice in New York City.