Screening for Small Company ETFs (Recording) (Handout)

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Mid-Sized Companies Belong In Your Portfolio (Recording) (Handout)

Using a 10k in completing an SSG (Recording) (Handout)

Yield Curve (Recording) (Handout)

Return on Equity (Recording) (Handout)

5G Technology - "Opportunity for Investments?" (Recording) (Handout)


Selecting A Low Price Review (Recording) (Handout)

Keep, Toss, Or Shred (Recording) (Handout)

Fiduciary Rule (Revised) (Recording) (Handout)

Stock Buybacks -Misconceptions and the Truth (Recording) (Handout)

After Hours Trading (Recording) (Handout)

Why Small Companies? (Recording) (Handout)

Reversion To The Mean (Recording) (Handout)


Review of prior presentations (Recording) (Handout)

Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) (Recording) (Handout)

Manage Your Risks (Recording) (Handout)

Comparing ETF's & Mutual Funds (Recording) (Handout)

Ins and Outs of IRA's (Recording) (Handout)

Diversity in a portfolio (Recording) (Handout)

Researching Small Companies (Recording) (Handout)


Reading a 10-K (Recording) (Handout)

How They Keep The Books (Recording) (Handout)

Good Will (Recording) (Handout)

Fiduciary Duty (Recording) (Handout)

Trend Line Starting Points (Recording) (Handout)

A Few Things NOT TO DO on the SSG (Recording) (Handout)

More Things NOT TO DO on the SSG (Recording) (Handout)


Review of Previous Presentations (Recording) (Handout)

Corporate Governance (Recording) (Handout)

Keep Toss or Shred? (Recording) (Handout)

Cash Flow (Recording) (Handout)

Market Orders vs. Limit Orders (Recording) (Handout)

A Responsible Investor and Her Portfolio (Recording) (Handout)

Relative Value (Recording) (Handout)