Course no longer offered

An online class offered through Colorado Free University

Do you want to increase your knowledge of Mutual Funds and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)? Do you think additional knowledge about these investments will improve your personal or deferred retirement account portfolio? Have you wondered how you could compare different funds to determine the best “fit” for your portfolio? Do you know where to find pertinent information about these funds? If these are questions are in the back of your mind, we invite you to attend this class.

The two experienced instructors will expand your knowledge and guide you to reference material that will assist you in selecting the appropriate mutual funds and ETFs to suit your own portfolio. You will learn how to evaluate these funds and, with continued practice, you will be capable of identifying the funds which will increase the value of your portfolios. Investing is a life-time venture, and this class will provide a basic foundation to enable you to initiate or improve your knowledge of both mutual funds & ETFs.