This full-day workshop introduces the beginning investor to the tool used by investment clubs - the Stock Selection Guide (SSG). The SSG is used to determine whether a company is a good, quality company that is trading at a reasonable price. The sessions cover selecting the best companies, determining a fair price, estimating future growth and the risks and total return to be expected for a company. The final session will be an opportunity to practice using the principles learned to complete an SSG.

Introduction to Investing is highly recommended prior to this class, but is not required.

The sessions are:

Selecting the Best Companies

Learn to recognize high-quality growth stocks using the Stock Selection Guide.

Determining a Fair Price

Continue the examination of the Stock Selection Guide to determine the potential return of a stock.

Estimating Future Growth

This session provides guidance on how to make reasonable, conservative projections of future sales and earnings growth rates

Estimating Future P/Es

This session provides guidelines to help you make reasonable projections for future high and low P/Es and determine if the stock is a buy, sell, or hold.

Practice Session

Practice what you have learned. Using current information, this interactive practice session will reinforce the principles provided in the day's sessions.

Whether you use the on-line Core SSG or the on-line SSG Plus, you will gain a better understanding of how the Stock Selection Guide helps you determine whether the company is a quality company trading at a fair price.